O.E.C. International, Inc.

Obsolete Electronic Components

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About Us

OEC International, Inc.  is one of North America's leading companies, providing products, services and information in electronic and
related industrial components, serving both the industrial and mobile equipment markets.
Today, the company has taken the strengths of the combined companies to represent over 250 quality manufacturers and provides over 80,000 products to our customers.
OEC International is in a unique position within industry. We are already recognized as one of the fasted Independent Distributor in the industry. We are the recognized in the Mobile customer segment, and our Industrial businesses have great geographic market coverage. We have a sound capital structure, with significant ownership representation by a seasoned management team, backed by two leading private equity investment firms.
Our capabilities in hart to find electronic components, coupled with a technologically capable sales force focused, allow us to provide significant value added products and services to our customers.
Throughout the second half of fiscal year 2000, all of 2001, and continuing in 2002 several key initiatives were launched in order to provide improved customer satisfaction.
Decentralization of resources to operate closer to the customer to better focus on customer requirements.
Re-established our credibility with our associates, suppliers, and customers.
Restructured into two Strategic Business Units focused on the Mobile and Industrial Markets.
Our vision is to be the leading provider of electronic components and information, for our mobile and industrial customers. We will continue to grow by focusing on and specializing in our chosen technology platforms. Our operating activities are defined by our four guiding principles:
Customer Driven “We will understand and respond to our customers’ wants and needs by how they act, as well as by what they say.”  
Quality through Continuous Improvement “We will exceed our customers’ expectations In delivering on-time, error-free performance.”  
Profitable Growth “We will create economic value by generating profits that exceeds our opportunity cost of capital.”  
Energize Our Organization “We will invest in our associates’ development and provide an environment that promotes risk-taking and innovation.”
The OEC Team understands that the decisions that you make everyday affect your bottom line; so finding the right partner is a top priority. When your success depends on the success of others, it is critical to develop a strong, lasting partnership with a supplier you can trust too.